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Yuval Noah Harari in conversation with Audrey Tang

Digital Social Innovation to Empower Democracy | Audrey Tang 

Audrey Tang, as the Digital Minister of Taiwan, is using AI and technology to disrupt the way in which people interact with government and to promote social innovation and empowering democracy, and ultimately, their lives. Serving as Digital Minister of Taiwan since 2016, where she works in the Taiwan National Development Council’s Open Data and K-12 curriculum committees, Audrey is known for revitalizing the computer languages Perl and Haskell, as well as building the online spreadsheet system EtherCalc in collaboration with Dan Bricklin. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.
When we see “internet of things”, let’s make it an internet of beings.
When we see “virtual reality”, let’s make it a shared reality. When we see “machine learning”, let’s make it collaborative learning. When we see “user experience”, let’s make it about human experience. When we hear “the singularity is near”, let us remember: the Plurality is he
Above all, RightsCon is about making things happen. Whether we’re coming together in person or online, we do so with a focus on action. We are here to ask the hard questions, to share knowledge, inspire new and creative ideas, to build a more resilient global community of human rights defenders, and to bring about real change, especially for those most at risk. Here are a few ways to be a part of that collective action:
다음 동인지 주제는 transgender! ?
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