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The World Economic Forum COVID Action Platform



Why 'video call fatigue' might be making you tired during lockdown - and how to beat it


The good news is there are plenty of ways to reduce video chat fatigue.

  • Build in breaks
  • Keep meetings shorter
  • Reduce on-screen stimuli – try hiding yourself from view.
  • Don't feel you have to attend virtual social gatherings with colleagues.
  • Switch to a phone call or email if appropriate.
  • The benefits of face-to-face

    But many are singing the praises of video chats.

    Yale Professor Laurie Santos – whose popular lessons on wellness have made her an influential voice on mental health issues during the pandemic – says face-to-face communication can help with lockdown isolation.

    “The research suggests that the act of hanging out with folks in real time - in other words, things like Zoom or FaceTime - can be a really powerful way to connect with people.

    “You see their facial expressions, hear the emotion in their voice, you're really able to connect with them.”




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