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Bruno Latour도 의견: 생산자체를 전환

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튤립 상인은 거래가 없어서 장사를 망쳤다고 TV에 나와서 울먹였다. 물론 우리는 그를 아픔에 공감가고 보상을 해줄 수 있어야 한다.  그런데 TV 화면이 보여준 그가 키우는 튤립을 보면 좀 다른 생각을 하게 된다. 흙없는 곳에서 인공적 불빛 아래 자라는 튤립들을 스키폴 공항에서 비행기로 보내는 상품, 그런 경제 체제를  유지해야 하는 걸까?


..... It is at this point that we have to act. If opportunities are arising for them, the same is true for us. If everything has stopped, and all cards can be put on the table, they can be turned, selected, triaged, rejected for ever, or indeed, accelerated forwards. Now is the time for the annual stock-take. When common sense asks us to ‘start production up again as quickly as possible’, we have to shout back, ‘Absolutely not!’ The last thing to do is repeat the exact same thing we were doing before.


For example, a Dutch florist was on television the other day, weeping because he had to trash tonnes of tulips that we ready for shipping. Without customers, he couldn’t air-freight them around the world. Of course, we cannot but feel for him; and it is right he is recompensed. But then the camera tracked back onto the tulips that he was growing without soil under artificial light before sending them off from Schiphol airport, on air-freighters with kerosene raining down, which makes one wonder: ‘Is it really useful to prolong this way of producing and selling these types of flowers?’ One thing leads to another, and if we all began on a personal basis to ask such questions on all aspects of our production system, we would become efficient globalisation interrupters, just as effective, in our millions, as the infamous coronavirus as it goes about globalising the planet in its own way. What the virus gets from banal droplets from coughing going from one mouth to another—the halting of the world economy—we can also begin to imagine via our little  insignificant gestures put end to end, that is, the halting of the system of production. As we ask these kinds of questions, each of us is onto the task of thinking up protective measures, but not just against the virus, but against every element of the mode of production that we don’t want to see coming back.


So, it is no longer a matter of a system of production picking up again or being curbed, but one of getting away from production as the overriding principle of our relationship to the world. More than revolution, this is dissolution....

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