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지시문 영화들ㅡㅡ the wave + 탈핵+마을게임

조한 2013.01.03 08:55 조회수 : 10521 "

무연사회 동영상.

스웨덴에서 이런 게 시작된 모양이네요. 시범학교이긴 하지만.

게임인데 '지속가능한 마을' 만들고, 그 안에서 배관하고 물 공급원 만들고, 뭐 그런 것인 모양입니다."

이런 것 하면서 마을 만들기 실제로 하면 좋겠네요.

The Wave /Die Welle

The Wave. 2008년도에 만들어진 독일영화군요. 원제는 Die Welle.

유투브에서 trailer 영상 봤어요.

Impressive NHK documentary last night, 1125-1215
on jaczko, ex-chair of Nuclear Regulation Commission of USA
until last May, who visited fukushima last summer.

1. he was appointed to the chair at the age of 37 two years ago.
2. he drafted a report on fukushima for NRC. it must be a good report
    on nuclear safety. but i have not read yet.
3. he voted against the new nuclear plant in usa last march with the
    reason that we should wait for more conclusive report on fukushima
    incident analysis.
4. he quit NRC in may and visit fukushima in summer.
5. he concluded in the documentary that we don't have a right to destroy
    a community nor family for sake of electricity, and we have obligation
    to work on nuclear safety.  he also compared nuclear technology to
    transportation technology such as automobile.

nuclear safety is the right issue we should address in korea now to my
understanding before we emphasize "anti-nuclear".  i believe korea
may be one of the most offending countries on the nuclear safety, but
i don't have any engineering data to back up.

later, we need to address nuclear waste, which may be even more tricky
issue to address in korea.

PS: the program is available in "on-demand" archive of nhk.  i believe it could be
       be available in bilinguable if you have a proper television.

영어 번역 안함
you may take a look at prof nazil chourcri of harvard such as

  cyberspace and sustainability, as well as her recent publication from mit press.

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