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Field Trips Anywhere

드라이빙 거리 (뉴멕시코 탐방)

johancafe 2010.07.13 22:07 조회수 : 3912

This is estimated distance and time. Driving on a mountain road for most of the time will be very slow.

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From: kayla f
Date: Mon, May 17, 2010 at 5:53 PM
Subject: Road Trip
To: Master Hyong

Denver, CO Airport to Estes National Park: 79 Miles, 1 Hour 38 Mins (we will stay in hotel)

Estes National Park to Salida, CO: 195 Miles, 3 Hours 53 Mins (camping)

Salida, CO to Ute, CO: 189 Miles, 3 Hours 25 Mins (hotel)

Ute, CO to Taos, NM: 191 Miles, 3 Hours 46 Mins (hotel or camping)

Taos, NM to Dulce, NM: 450 Miles, 3 Hours (room and board provided by Jicarilla Apache)

Dulce, NM to Denver, CO Airport: 384 Miles, 6 Hours 36 Mins

Just following up on shopping for a rental car.

I have a couple of printouts sitting on the desk, as you can see, and so far I've found that most rates are approximately the same. I've been having trouble finding vans as big as you need listed. Most of the vans are minivans, like on the printouts, so the rates are geared toward that style of vehicle. But I've only printed out vans that seat 7 passengers or more, so two of them will do the job.

So, I think we are down to finding the rental dealer you want to work with. Here is a link to Expedia's car rentals, which lists the vendors they pull the rental cars from. You can find the same vehicles and vendors in this list as in the printouts on the desk. Which is the other choice I've found you can make, you can either book a rental directly with the vendor, or you can book it with a bigger distributor like Expedia.

I hope this is aiming in the right director for your trip. Let me know what you think. I can continue shopping.


Kayla Fitch

As you can see in the letter, my friend will take time off from his job. Room and board is completely set.

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From: rodrigo velarde
Date: Tue, May 18, 2010 at 10:05 AM
Subject: Re: U.S.A. Delegate, Master Hyong

good morning my friend...just got back to work and first time checking is all good as various organizations already for the students...the housing and food...what do they want for breakfast? i have the lunch and suppers pretty well taken off, just had the question on breakfast...they are all english speakers...right? got to get some sleeping bags.....if they arrive on july 6th...we can take them to taos pow wow...lit ttle beaver doesn't start till the week of the 12th and ends on the18th...might want to reshedule thier days of arrival...i will meet them at the albuquerque sunport international airport and direct them back to dulce...i look forward to this event and will take the week off so i can oversee them and where they will work and so forth...taking this week off will affect me and the group going to south korea this fall time...i hope that you will take your group this year and the natives can go next year...if not,i will have to start some sort of fund raising for the flight tickets...and do it pretty quick...tell me your plans...ri will be at the pow wow the weekend with the drum group singing for the people...the kids might have to be on thier own...participating on the events...they can log on to various internet connections to learn ahead of time on the jicarilla apache people...www.jicarillaapache,jicarilla game and,the internet is full of info for them to learn before they come...we'll see how it turns out for the drum...they might have enough singers to cover me...we have been singing alot within the 4 corners area at the pow wows...we went to the Denver march pow wow,the gathering of'ss been a fun time...well,take care and i sha ll write again...your brother from the west...rv

From: Namsoo Hyong
To: rodrigo velarde ;
Sent: Thu, May 13, 2010 2:37:05 PM
Subject: U.S.A. Delegate, Master Hyong

Dear Friend,

As was discussed on the phone, there will be 13 visitors; 12 from Korea and 1 from Champaign, Illinois. The purpose of their visit can be called "Learning and Sharing".

Since the year 2000, I have been introducing Native American culture to the world through the World Martial Arts Festival. I have taken over 100 Native People to the festival. There are over 42 countries who have participated in this festival annually and over 30 Korean teams are participating. There are over 230 thousand people coming to see the events and we are occasionally invited by Korean universities such as, Han Yang University and Duk Sung University. It has been a great opportunity to introduce the Native American culture to others.

As a result, Korean students want to visit your reservation as volunteer workers for the Little Beaver Festival. They can come to the reservation area on July 6th, and visit the Native American ruins. Starting work with the festival committee July 12th to July 19th, or July 20th. Each of the students can be match up with a different committee and of course, during the festival, and help with closing down the festival so that they can stay a few more days.

If you accept these volunteers, it is international etiquette for the host to provide room and board at least. If this is not possible, I can ask them to bring tents and cooking utensils. Anyway, they want to have Korean food every once and a while. I will bring some Korean food for them to have, in case they need it.

I have been talking to Rod, regarding this issue. Please talk to any authority who is in charge of this event.


Master Namsoo Hyong