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New Mexico trip

johancafe 2010.05.14 13:24 조회수 : 3797

여름 Globally Action Research: Journey to USA through Native Amerian Reservation
(the Nation of the Jicarilla Apache in New Mexico, July 9-18th))

세부정보 표시 7:41 (4분 전)

I thought that I sent you this information? Anyway, we are going to visit the Nation of the Jicarilla Apache. Which is located in Northern New Mexico. You can decide the date, there are two festivals; July 9th, 10th and 11th in Taos. July 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th in the Nation of the Jicarilla Apache if you arrive on July 9th, you would be able to see the Taos Festival and you can volunteer for the Apache.

You can ask your student to find information about; 1) the location of the Jicarilla Apache, 2) the history of this Nation, 3) where they are from and why they relocated, 4) trail of tears (there is a big mound in Southern Illinois, near by the Mississippi river, many dead Native Americans are buried there, so it is a sacred place), 5) what kind of natural resource is on their territory, 6) what other tribes surrounded their area, 7) why the American government permitted a casino to be build on their reservation, 8) who are the beneficiaries for this casino, 9) who is actually getting the benefits from this casino, 10) ask them to study the power dance, its rules and regulations (any spectator cannot touch the eagle feather that the Native Americans are wearing or carrying, there are certain times that you cannot take pictures. Ask your students to find out when it is okay to do so.), 11) ask your student to define the massacre, 12) find out how many Native Americans were killed in action and in biological warfare,
Oh, by the way, you are calling them Indians. They will be upset when they hear you call them by that term. You must address them as Native Americans. Also, their self-esteem is very low. Warn your students to never criticize their culture or customs. They will be very angry if you do so.

Dear Master Hyung,

This information was exately what I wanted.
I think we should participate two festivals and do volunteer works.

Tentatively, we will leave on the July 6 and come back by 21 (festival 9-18).
Will it allow enough time for getting there and pack up to come home?

Within a week or two, we can start this project by asking students to do reserch on what you have suggested.
Before we go, we also plan to visit a Casino town ( Haiwon in Jungsun) to learn about revitalizing project of a dying mining town.

More later,